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Collaboration is the cornerstone of our ethos. We recognize that robust partnerships are integral to fulfilling our mission of elevating healthcare. Proudly aligned with a network of esteemed healthcare providers, technology innovators, and industry thought leaders, we harness collective expertise, best practices, and diverse viewpoints to enrich the value we provide to our partner hospitals. Together, we rally around a shared vision of excellence in patient care, operational efficiency, and healthcare innovation. Our partners play an instrumental role in driving positive change across the healthcare continuum.

Guys’ and St. Thomas’ NHS Royal Trust Foundation

About GSTT

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust is a healthcare institution comprising five main hospitals and community services. Their offerings encompass comprehensive care, research, education, and innovation. Backed by a devoted staff of 25,300, they prioritize inclusivity and excellence in all aspects of their operations. Their commitment lies in delivering top-notch, compassionate care to patients and their families. The trust holds a distinguished reputation for pioneering research and excelling in clinical trials, standing out in collaboration with King's Health Partners. Their acclaimed teaching hospitals play a pivotal role, while their values guide their actions as a reflection of community diversity. In essence, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust not only provides healthcare but also contributes significantly to medical progress and education.

Facts and Figures

Patient contacts

2.6 million

Day cases


Inpatient numbers


Outpatients numbers

1.58 million

Community contacts


ER attendances


Staff numbers


Annual turnover

£2.8 billion

Gustav Roussy

About Gustave Roussy

Gustave Roussy is a leading cancer center in Europe, ranked third globally by Newsweek and the first outside the U.S. It was founded based on Professor Gustave Roussy's principles of interdisciplinary patient care. The center focuses on patient well-being, research, and teaching. It excels in personalized medicine, immunotherapy, DNA repair, and AI research. With a commitment to innovation, it strives to push the boundaries of science and improve cancer treatment. Gustave Roussy is known for managing rare and complex cancers, offering individualized care for all cancer stages. It combines medical expertise in oncology, surgery, and radiology. Affiliated with Unicancer Federation, it stands as a beacon of excellence in global cancer care and research.

Facts and Figures

Patient contacts


Medical Consultations


Beds number

472 and 135 day hospital places

Caregivers numbers


Outpatients stays


Doctors numbers


Research Spend

EUR 24 million

Global Budget

EUR 438.3 million

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